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A lawyer or a judge advisor works in the legal concept office.

PatentSight+ Classifier




What is Cipher Classification?



What is Patent Classification



PatentSight+ Classifierは、AIで全世界の4400万件以上の特許をすべて読みこみ、関連する特許を分類器に取り込むCipher分類システムを使用しています。分類器はお客様によって定義され、正しい特許を見つけに行くという大変な作業をマシーンがすべて行います。マシーンは1時間に6,000万件以上の特許を読むことができ、特許中の20万個のデータポイントを読むことができます。






多くの企業がPatentSight+ Classifierを活用しています。

PatentSight+ Classifierは特許権者であるお客様のために 9000 以上の分類器を構築しました。お客様は、特許ポートフォリオを積極的に管理するために、自社が持つ技術領域の見解に活発されています。



Cipher Classifiers – Get Your View of the Technology Space

Ever wondered how you could get your view of the technology space without long, boolean strings or manual tagging? PatentSight is excited to announce that you can get your view of the technology space with Cipher Classifiers. 

Justify patent Budget

How to Justify Your Patent Budget

Not all patent portfolios are created equal, and it’s important to understand where you should allocate your patent budget to deliver the most value for your company.

オンデマンド Webinar

Who Are Your Real Threats?

You can’t develop a risk mitigation strategy that is going to work without first obtaining a solid understanding of where threats to your patent portfolio might lie. Find out how you do this in our webinar ‘Who Are Your Real Threats?’ where we help you identify the red flags before they start waving.

オンデマンド Webinar

Measuring the Accuracy of AI and Machine Learning for Classifying Patents – What’s the Gold Standard?

We hosted a webinar in collaboration with Patinformatics LLC around how we can test ML (machine learning) for its accuracy in classifying patents.


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  • 技術分野の最新特許をすべて検索 
  • 結果を分析し、新しい技術トレンドを理解
  • 競合他社に対するポートフォリオのベンチマーク  
  • 収益化またはリスク管理のためのポートフォリオの最適化 


PatentSight+® Classifierについての詳細、分析レポート、ポッドキャストなどにてご紹介しております。(英語)


Game Over for the West?

Gaming is often at the forefront of innovation, with companies embracing new technology to satisfy their customers’ demand for novelty. This continual adoption of new technology makes it the perfect industry to examine with Cipher’s Universal Technology Taxonomy (UTT). Learn how Japan currently dominates gaming innovation.

Cipher Vision Podcast

Promoting SEPs Transparency

Episode 5 in Season 3 of the Cipher Vision Podcast series features Tim Pohlmann, CEO, LexisNexis IPlytics. He joins us to discuss the world of SEPs, from areas of conflict to new opportunities, sharing the benefits of clarity and drawing on high-quality data.

News & Press

LexisNexis enters into definitive agreement to acquire Aistemos and its Cipher classification platform

The acquisition further enhances PatentSight, LexisNexis flagship IP analytics solution.


Classifying Patents Using Machine Learning

Whether you are trying to understand the competitive landscapebenchmark against it, review your portfolio, explore monetisation options or perform due diligence. It’s unrealistic to be able to read them all to find out.

Cipher can help.